COVID-19 Advisory

At Lidiom we sympathize with many individuals who struggle during this trying time and Lidiom is committed to helping level the field as it relates to communication. We understand language barriers have limited many in the area of healthcare and other aspects of life, even if it’s supporting someone who is a stranger and speaks a different language. With Lidiom, you can break some of those barriers using our app for instant translation and communication with people you wish to communicate with and also share your experiences in our growing global community on Lidiom Universe irrespective of what language you speak. Stay safe and healthy.

Addison Del Alfred, Founder & CEO

With Lidiom you can chat with anyone across the globe in over 100 languages regardless of knowing their language or vice versa. Lidiom is the Swiss Army Knife of instant translation chat with exciting features and a rich interface to allow for every day communication without language barriers. The world is flat and globalization just got easier through communication