Interactive Translations

Chat with someone who speaks a different language. Lidiom automatically detects your phone’s language and translates incoming and outgoing messages in real time, allowing for seamless communication without the need for knowing or understanding multiple languages.*Shorthand is not acceptable as Lidiom relies on the use of the appropriate spelling of words to be most effective.

Learn Different Languages

Messages received in other languages can be viewed as original text, showing the written response to your message in a different language and allowing for visual learning and identification of spellings and writings in said language. You can also listen to the pronunciation, and with active listening and repeated patterns of speech learning, a new language can be achieved.

Lidiom Universe

Explore the Global Lidiom Network to Discover and Chat with others who speak different languages. Socialize and network with people from all over the world by simply selecting your preferred language, country or just by profile.

Lidiom Connect

Easily connect with others you’ve just met and maintain privacy by not sharing your phone number. Share your unique Lidiom Connect code and start chatting!